Santa Photos: parents and child holding photo props in a Christmas photo

There’s no denying 2020 has pitched us all one hell of a curveball. But while the holidays may look a little different this year, it doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice all of our favorite Christmas traditions. Before you cancel this year’s family Christmas card or your kids’ adorable Santa photos, consider bringing the fun home with these DIY quarantine Christmas photo ideas! These realistic photo backdrops are the perfect alternative for a year that’s been, well, imperfect! One thing’s for sure, no matter how much you’d like to forget 2020 ever happened, these family and Santa photos will be the one memory you’ll want to cherish forever!

Santa Photos: Two kids sitting on Santa's lap with red and gold background

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Santa Photos For The Kids

Fireplace Santa Indoor Backdrop

If you can’t take your kids to get Santa photos this year, bring Santa to your kids instead! Give the illusion that Santa is in your living room (6 feet apart of course) with this charming vintage Santa and fireplace scene! This high-quality vinyl backdrop can be used time and again to capture your kids’ growth every holiday season!

Santa Photos: Santa and Fireplace

Santa’s Sleigh On Christmas Night

2020 has been a different year, to say the least, so why not make this year’s Santa photos just as unique? Your kids will love peering off into the night sky hoping to spot Santa on his big night! These clear, high-resolution Wintery scenes are printed on durable vinyl fabric and make for a realistic snapshot you’ll love looking back on year after year.

Santa Photos: Santa's Sleigh Outside Window Santa Photos: Santa's Sleigh Outside Window Santa Photos: Santa's Sleigh Outside Window

Must-Haves For DIY Santa Photos

Santa Photos: Ring Light Tripod Santa Photos: Tripod
Santa Photos: Shutter

Christmas Store Window

Christmas in quarantine is a great chance to explore your creative side and this year’s Santa photos are no exception! Capture the wonder on your kids’ faces as they gaze into this magical Christmas store window at none other than Jolly Ol’ St. Nick himself.

Santa Photos-Christmas Store Window

Santa With Lantern

The big guy’s always watching to see who’s been naughty or nice! This Christmas, he’ll be peaking down on your kids as you capture their smiling faces under the glow of Santa’s lantern.

Santa Photos: Santa With Lantern Backdrop

Family Christmas Photos

Festive Wooden Wall

There’s no place like home for the holidays, or for all of 2020 for that matter. These simple, yet festive rustic “wooden” backdrops are perfect for this year’s quarantine family Christmas photo! With different styles and sizes to choose from no matter how big your family is, all you’ll have left to worry about is coordinating your matching Christmas sweaters!

Santa Photos: Wooden Wall Santa Photos: Wooden Wall Santa Photos: Wooden Wall

Rustic Barn Door

Your family doesn’t need an extravagant background for a stunning and memorable Christmas photo. This simply adorned barn door will perfectly complement your family’ smiling faces to help produce the most charming and delightful DIY holiday portrait.

Santa Photos: Rustic Barn Door

Props For Family And Santa Photos

Santa Photos: Santa Hats Santa Photos: 2020 Sign
Santa Photos: Christmas Masks

Rustic Front Porch

This rustic, Wintery front porch scene gives a whole new meaning to “quarantine and chill” this holiday season. Your family will look so cute snuggled together in your warm knit sweaters to capture this year’s cozy Christmas photo. Lockdown has never looked so comfy!

Santa Photos: Rustic Front Porch

Country Christmas Kitchen

This backdrop is such a great idea for a silly family Christmas photo! I think it would be really cute to put on some Santa hats, flour-covered aprons, and have everybody in the family hold various baking utensils like rolling pins and whisks for a fun and carefree Christmas portrait! It’ll be so much fun, you’ll almost forget we’re in the middle of a pandemic!

Santa Photos: Country Christmas Kitchen Santa Photos: Country Christmas Kitchen

Cards And Keepsakes For Family And Santa Photos

Santa Photos: Digital Photo Frame Santa Photos: Christmas Cards For Photos
Santa Photos: Photo Ornament Santa Photos: Photo Ornament

With 2020 nearing an end, all we can hope for in the New Year is a fresh start with better circumstances. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t still make the best of this holiday season even if it is a bit unconventional! So, let’s all be super-spreaders of Christmas cheer by sending our friends and loved ones the most amazing DIY holiday and Santa photos to end the year on a good note!

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