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This Father’s Day get the man in your life what he really wants. Below is a list of thoughtful gifts that have been tried and verified by yours truly. Because I’ve purchased these items for the men in my own life, I can guarantee they are as unique as the dad, husband, or brother in yours, no matter what his style.

For The Bearded Brute

What He Really Wants-A Beard Kit

Any bearded man should have a BEARD KIT. This includes brushes and combs, a good lather kit and brush, some quality beard scissors, a good razor to stave away the dreaded neck-beard, aftershave (who doesn’t love Old Spice?), and a nice bag for traveling and keeping it all tidy. The list can go on and on with conditioners, waxes, oils, and other grooming additions, but if your man is missing these essential items, his beard is SERIOUSLY lacking the love it deserves! The products below are used by some of the men in my own family who can attest to their quality and usefulness.


My husband LOVES this groomer and uses it a few times a week to maintain stubble and keep his beard tidy and well-defined. It’s rechargeable, can be used wet or dry, works on any length of growth, and each blade lasts up to 4 months! This is an all-around great tool for facial hair maintenance when he doesn’t have time for a close, lathered shave.

This is a premium, superior safety razor for a VERY close shave. The replacement blades are dirt cheap and will leave his face feeling as soft as a baby’s butt. The heavy feel and quality materials will make the man in your life feel like a 1950’s GENTLEMAN (as per my husband). So, get him what he really wants…soft, KISSABLE cheeks!

what he really wants-man with well-groomed beard

For The Coffee Connoisseur

What He Really Wants-The Coffee Essentials

A good cup of coffee goes far beyond just high-quality beans. The grind, the brew, the temperature, and even the vessel play important roles in creating the perfect cup of coffee. If the man in your life LOVES coffee (like my husband does), then he’ll surely appreciate the items below. Get your coffee lover what he really wants this Father’s Day…the PERFECT cup of coffee!


If you’ve ever had to walk away from a cup of coffee to do something, only to come back to it later to find it cold and unappealing, then you know what a wasteful bummer it can be. I know, sad right? With the Ember Mug, a cup of coffee will stay its ideal temperature for well over an hour, no matter what may come up in the meantime! Just register the mug in the app, set your ideal temperature, and that’s it! Never worry about coffee going cold again! A hot cup of coffee is what he really wants in the morning and this mug makes the perfect Father’s Day gift!

Every coffee lover should have a French Press. The bold, rich flavor it creates is unparalleled and unachievable through conventional coffee makers. This particular french press is affordable, looks nice, and is super easy to clean. It’s also great to take camping for a nice, hot cup of coffee in the wilderness.

what he really wants- a man enjoying a cup of coffee in the wilderness

If the man in your life is passionate about coffee, then he’ll love this Conical Burr Coffee Grinder. With over 40 grind settings, he’ll be sure to achieve the PERFECT grind whether he’s using a conventional coffee maker, espresso machine, or french press. Trust me when I say having a man in your life who’s passionate about coffee is NEVER a bad thing. Some of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had have been made at home with love, by my husband.

For The Musical Man

What He Really Wants-The Instrumentals

The music-loving man in your life deserves to be celebrated. There’s no better way to celebrate him than with these hand-selected items, guaranteed to put a smile on his face and a melody in his heart! When it comes to music, there’s no question the right medium can transform your favorite song into a memorable listening experience. The classic crackle of vinyl on a record player and the enveloping grip of quality headphones will quickly transport your favorite guy to his musical happy place.


Apple AirPods are extremely comfortable to wear and offer a frustration-free pairing experience with every device. With a crisp sound, long-lasting battery, convenient charging case, and no occlusion effect, the Apple AirPods are one of the most reliable and convenient earbuds on the market.

Get the music enthusiast in your life what he really wants, GREAT SOUND! These Beyerdynamic Over-Ear Studio Headphones offer AMAZING studio-quality sound at an affordable price. My husband does audio mixing and mastering and spent a lot of time researching before deciding on these particular headphones. He loves that the music he listens to is accurately reproduced and that he’s able to hear every nuance and subtlety that often gets lost with other headphones.

I got this Karaoke Microphone for my brother-in-law for his recent birthday because he loves to sing and do karaoke (he’s FAR braver than I). While I knew he would love it, I had NO IDEA just how much. This microphone is AWESOME for the price! It currently goes to every gathering and event in our family and never fails to become the life of the party. With incredible sound, ease of use, and cool LED light effects, the music-lover in your life will LOVE this thoughtful and FUN gift.

what he really wants- a man playing guitar with his two sons

For The Fit Fellow

What He Really Wants-The Fitness Fundamentals


Get the fitness guru in your life what he really wants this Father’s Day which is a way to track his progress and stay motivated in his fitness goals. The Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker can track over 15 fitness activities, monitor calories, heart rate, sleeping patterns, holds a charge for up to 7 days, and much more. In short, it’s the best Fitbit yet!

Make sure he stays hydrated with a great water bottle like this one from Embrava. The spill-proof and shatterproof design will hold up through the fiercest activity and the BPA-free material offers a taste similar to that of glass. It has a fast-flowing drinking spout, holds 32 oz. of water, and fits nicely into any cup holder. Whatsmore, each one comes with a free gift box making it the perfect gift option!

what he really wants- a man stopping his run to check his watch

For The Gadgets Guy

What He Really Wants-Tech To-Haves

My husband loves his gadgets. Whenever I ask him what he really wants, it usually has to do with computers or the latest new technology. The following items are gifts he’s received over the years that he loves and recommends for any like-minded tech junkie.


What he really wants this Father’s Day is entertainment! The Fire TV 4K Stick gives you 4K Ultra HD streaming quality by turning any TV into a smart TV. Launch your favorite apps (Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Disney+, etc.) by speaking directly into the remote, which has one of the most extensive voice recognition capabilities of any streaming device on the market. With Amazon Alexa basically built right in, the Fire Stick allows you to find recipes, monitor your home security, stream music in multiple rooms, and much more, all from the comfort of your living room.

A nice looking wallet is always a great gift for any man. This particular wallet is made from quality leather and aluminum technology that prevents bending, breaking, and wireless card theft. Slide over the little button to pop out cards for easy and quick access without the fuss (our toddler thinks this is SO COOL). The slim design fits nicely in a back pocket without bulging or getting in the way of sitting down comfortably. My husband LOVES this wallet and is constantly receiving comments about how cool it is and how nice it looks.

If the special man in your life is anything like MY husband, what he really wants this Father’s Day is for his keys, wallet, and remote to be EXACTLY where he left them! Unfortunately, with a toddler, something is always missing. Don’t worry though, with the Tile Essentials package, he’ll never lose his things again! Explore all the cool things Tile can do, and next time the remote goes missing, you can thank me!

What he really wants: various tech devices

For The Dapper Daddy

What He Really Wants-Elemental Enhancements

Every guy likes looking sharp, and what he really wants this Father’s Day is to feel confident and attractive no matter what his personal style. Below are some classic gift suggestions for the dapper daddy that are sure to make heads turn and eyebrows lift!


A few years back while online shopping for Christmas, I stumbled across these classy looking Anson Belts and ended up purchasing one for every guy in my family. Not only are they nice looking, but the cool micro-adjusting technology allows for small modifications in size to account for weight loss, gain, or overindulgence at Thanksgiving dinner. The company itself has AMAZING customer service and offers a lifetime functional guarantee. The man in your life will never require another belt again!

My husband looks SO GOOD in this Wrangler shirt!!! That is all πŸ˜‰

What he really wants this Father’s Day is SWAGGER! If the special guy in your life walks with a cane, I highly suggest to up his CANE GAME! Having different cane options is always nice for special occasions or nights out on the town. This is the one we recently got for my father-in-law.

Cologne is a simple yet tasteful gift for ANY man. If you’re not sure which kind to get the man in YOUR life, you’re almost always safe to go with a classic. Some of these have been around for decades. Colognes like Ralph Lauren’s Polo Green, Calvin Klein’s CK One, Obsession or Eternity, Giorgio Armani’s Armani Eau Pour Homme, Aramis, or even Old Spice are great gift options! There’s a reason these fragrances have stood the test of time. Above are some of my personal favorites (pictured).

what he really wants- a well groomed handsome man sitting on a chair looking at the camera

For The Outdoorsman

What He Really Wants-Survival Staples

If you have an outdoorsman in your life, then you know what he really wants is to be CLOSE TO NATURE. Maybe your special guy likes hiking, hunting, geocaching, or fishing? Whichever ways he prefers to enjoy the outdoors, there are some universal staples every wilderness lover should have in his rucksack.


As your guy will insist, you never know when the need might arise to start a fire. Get the pyromaniac in your life what he really wants…this magnesium rod fire starter. Lighting fires has never been easier, even in the wind and rain. It’s a must-have essential in any survivalist’s toolkit!

Most men will agree, a quality Buck Knife is the quintessential item for any wilderness lover and what he REALLY wants this Father’s Day. This multipurpose knife has been around since 1902 and can be used for hunting, fishing, working, wood whittling, and practically every other circumstance where a knife is or could be needed.

If you’re putting together a gift for the wilderness lover, what he really wants is a compass. As you know, a man will do anything before he stops and asks for directions, so a compass is always a fitting gift! If the man you’re shopping for appreciates the finer things in life, find him a nice decorative compass. Up your gift-giving game even more by having it engraved with a meaningful message.

what he really wants-a man hiking outdoors stopping to take in the view

For The Drink Loving Dude

What He Really Wants-The “Bar” Necessities

What he really wants this Father’s Day is to unwind with a nice drink. What’s even better is when he can do it from the comfort of his own home. Whether he’s a beer or cocktail guy, get him what he really wants this Father’s Day…some peace and quiet and a cold drink in hand!


A home bar isn’t complete without your basic bartender’s kit. With everything he needs to make the perfect mixed drink, his Father’s Day will be a relaxing and memorable one…well, maybe just a tad hazy. πŸ˜‰

A rolling bar is an elegant addition to any man cave and gives your special guy an organized place to keep all his drink-mixing essentials. Stock it with liquor, fancy decanters, glasses, and everything else he needs for a complete and unique in-home bar.

Every man should have a flask for whenever the opportunity arises for a quick nip of his favorite whiskey. Be it out on the town, at a wedding, celebrating with friends, or on a date with his misses, this flask tucks nicely into a jacket or pants pocket for quick and discreet access. Made of stainless steel and bound in leather, this classy looking flask comes equipped with a funnel and three little cups for sharing. For a personalized touch, take it to your local Michaels to have in engraved with a thoughtful message. Cheers!

what he really wants-a man pouring a class of whiskey

For The Grillin’ Guy

What He Really Wants-The Barbecue Basics

Get the grillin’ guy in your life what he really wants this Father’s Day by completing his backyard bbq arsenal. Whether he likes grilling or smoking, make sure he has what he really wants and needs to make his meats the BEST on the block!


Every backyard griller needs the basic utensils for keeping his grill clean and his meats juicy and tender. This 24 piece BBQ accessory set is made from stainless steel and includes everything he needs to make his grillin’ dreams (and yours) come true!

I purchased this apron for my brother-in-law for his Annual Sausage Making Parties. It cracks me up, so I just had to include it. An apron is a great gift for any grillin’ guy!

A digital wireless meat thermometer is a must-have for any guy who loves to grill and entertain friends. What he really wants is to be able to watch the grill without missing a minute of the action. Well, look no further. This awesome thermometer allows him to wirelessly monitor his meats without missing a second of the party! He just has to set it and forget it! How cool is that?

pork chops cooking on a grill

For The Sports Fan

What He Really Wants-Big Game Basics

Help your special guy support his favorite team this year by getting him what he really wants for the next big game or tailgate party!


Any NFL fan needs a team t-shirt! This is your basic affordable team logo tee. The special guy in your life can wear it on game day, or just hanging around the house. This is a simple and thoughtful gift idea for anybody on a budget!

This is just like the hats you see all the NFL players wearing on the sidelines. Come football season he’ll be stoked to sport one himself! If your special guy is lucky enough to score tickets to an actual game, this hat will keep him nice and warm as he cheers on his team! GO HAWKS! πŸ˜‰

12th man flag waving in the wind

No tailgate is complete without this NFL Camping Chair and Six Pack Cooler with team logo. These are great gifts for the guy who loves camping or watching the game at a friend’s house. The chair comes with a carrying bag and double cup holders for his favorite team cup!

For The Needy Gent

What He Really Wants-Wardrobe Wishes

Sometimes, it isn’t about what he really wants, but rather, what he really NEEDS! This Father’s Day, get the special guy in your life replacements for those much-needed holey wardrobe staples. Below are some great items I’ve purchased for my husband in the past that he LOVES.


This is another one of my favorite companies. Darn Tough makes socks that live up to their name! With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, their socks are comfortable, fit just right, and UNCONDITIONALLY guaranteed for LIFE! That’s right, for life! My husband and I both have a number of pairs of these socks, and I can personally attest to their quality and amazing customer service!

Happy Father’s Day!

what he really wants- my dad holding my son
My Dad

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