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We purchase kid stuff all the time from Amazon, but when we purchased these particular items, we had no idea how much WE would end up loving them. All of these items are extremely useful, durable, and great to have around for each new addition to the family! I hope your family ends up getting as much use out of them as we do!

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1. Hiccapop or Gogo Wipe Warmers

With all the similar products for kids on the market, how do you know which ones are worth the money and which aren’t? Well, luckily I’ve done most of the work for you. First on my list of cool kid stuff from Amazon is a wipe warmer!

I feel like wipe warmers have gotten a bad wrap over the years and are generally considered “give or take” products for kids, as far as registry items go. Some of us love them while others think they’re a waste of money. In our household, WE LOVE THEM! My husband often jokes about getting two more for the bathrooms. That’s right, we take our butts very seriously around here! During mid-night diaper changes, the warm wipes are much less of a shock, and our baby rarely ever fully awakens.

Perhaps my kids have been spoiled with warm wipes for too long because they definitely notice (whine rather) when we use cold ones. They’re also great for use in the kitchen to wipe mouths and hands after meals. We have two Hiccapop and one Gogo brand. The Gogo brand has an LED light for nighttime diaper changes and two different heat settings. The Hiccapop brand is pretty utilitarian but keeps the wipes really warm. All in all, they’re both great products.

kid stuff: wipe warmer
Hiccapop Brand

Gogo Brand

2. First Years Bottle Warmer – Kid Stuff From Amazon

Next on my list of kid stuff from Amazon is The First Years Bottle Warmer! This bottle warmer has been great. As an exclusive pumper, it’s perfect for warming pumped bottles of milk from the fridge. The warm milk soothes my baby to sleep much faster than if it were cold. It comes with a small beaker for measuring the desired amount of water and minutes for each bottle to steam. For bigger bottles, you can remove the inner ring to expand the space. I’ve yet to find a bottle that doesn’t fit. Get yours here and see for yourself why this one tops my list of cool kid stuff from Amazon we love!

3. Superyard – Kid Stuff From Amazon

The Superyard fence/gate is awesome and has been a game-changer when it comes to useful products for kids. Not only is it sturdy, but it has been so helpful in herding our children! It comes with 8 panels and a carrying strap for easy transport. If you need more panels, you can buy extension sets in packs of two depending on the space. They also sell a door panel pack with a childproof lock if you don’t want to have to climb over it every time. It’s great for when the kids go to the grandparents, or out in the yard during spring and summer.

School Supplies

Compared to similar products for kids, we’ve found this gate to be far superior. The individual panels bend to wrap around furniture or to simply create an enclosed dedicated space for play. These are easy to clean, extremely durable, and can transform as your child becomes more mobile. We like to drape blankets over them to create the perfect fort. Our toddler loves it! It comes in plain white or multi-colored depending on your preference. It’s definitely one of our favorite items our of all the kid stuff we have. Get it for yourself here!

4. Leap Frog Letter Band Phonics Jam – Kid Stuff From Amazon

We purchased the Leap Frog Letter Band Phonics Jam from Amazon for our son Jameson’s 1st birthday. If you’re familiar with Leap Frog, then you know they make awesome learning products for kids. He was immediately drawn to it and couldn’t put it down. Oh, who am I kidding, he was obsessed! By the time he was 20 months, he could identify every letter and sing the entire alphabet. People always comment on how smart he is, which of course, makes us look like great parents.

We’ve purchased this item for a couple of friends who also have young kids, and they are constantly telling us how great it is. Our almost one-year-old has recently discovered it too and is quickly becoming just as fascinated. Of all the products for kids in our household, this one definitely gets the most use. We LOVE this toy and recommend it for any kid learning the alphabet. Get it here!

5. Delta Children Chair Desk – Kid Stuff From Amazon

Next on my list of kid stuff from Amazon is this adorable Delta chair desk. We bought this for our boy Jameson to have his own dedicated sitting space in our living room. This is in the classic style of old school desks with the arm and writing surface that extend across the body. It has a storage bin underneath and comes in a variety of styles for both girls and boys.

We got Jameson the Mickey version and he loved it so much we got the Minnie version for our niece. Just as we suspected, she loved it too! Jameson uses it to eat all of his meals, and after, we just wipe it with a damp washcloth. My niece uses hers as an art table. The pictures on the chair are vivid, colorful, and eye-catching. Get one for your toddler here! confident it will quickly become one

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6. Big Red Rooster Sleep Training Alarm Clock

We got this “okay to wake” clock for our 2-year-old because he was waking up in the morning before it was reasonably acceptable. This particular clock is in the form of a dog, but there are a variety of styles to choose from. I chose this one because it was the best price and I thought it was the most kid-friendly. You can set the alarm for whatever time you want, and when that time comes, the ball changes from red to green. It did take a week or so using positive reinforcement for our son to understand what we were asking of him, but now that he gets it, he stays quiet and in his bed until the light turns green! Now, he won’t go to sleep unless we turn “Finnegan” on, who he’s cleverly named after our real dog. Get yours here!

7. Amazon Brand Mama Bear Diapers – Kid Stuff From Amazon

If you prefer to use traditional disposable diapers that are comparable to Huggies or Pampers brands, etc., then Amazon Brand Mama Bear Diapers are a great alternative, and for a fraction of the price. If you’re familiar with the Amazon brand then you know they make a variety of great products for kids and adults, as well as for the home. If you use the “Subscribe and Save” option through Amazon, you can save even more. We have tried a few different brands in the past, and wish we had known about these sooner! They come straight to our door the next day with Amazon Prime Free One-Day Shipping. Try them today!

8. Nuk Hard Spout Cup – Kid Stuff From Amazon

Last but certainly not least on my list of kid stuff from Amazon is the Nuk Brand sippy cup. Nuk is another awesome company that makes great products for kids from bottles and pacifiers to cups and tableware. We have gone through a few different sippy cups in the past, all claiming to be “spill-proof”. I don’t know if our son is a sippy cup wizard or what, but he’s managed to find ways to spill or unscrew all of them. We finally came across the Nuk brand and thus far, have lived up to the claims! Our son throws them, tips them, shakes them, and sleeps with them, and we’ve had zero spills!

Kid Stuff From Amazon: Nuk Sippy Cups

Kid Stuff Nuk Cup

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