A Poem For The Loss Of  A Child: Woman on swing by herself

To all the grieving mothers out there, please accept this poem for the loss of a child as a token of my deepest condolences. While time with your baby in this life may have been only brief, I hope you find comfort in the knowledge that you’ll have an eternity in the next. May A Poem For The Loss Of A Child bring you comfort and solace in your time of grief. You are an inspiration not only to me but to every mother sharing in your sorrow.

A poem for the loss of a child: woman walking down wooded path

A Poem For The Loss Of A Child

To the mommies out there who are mourning a loss,
please know that I think of you often.
I’m sure it must feel like the pain is surreal,
and you wish that the blow could be softened.

You clung to the image of being a mom,
the second you saw those two lines.
You nested, invested, and fully expected,
your sweet little one to be fine.

You carried your gift both in body and mind,
embracing the fear with the joy.
Fondly awaiting that one special moment,
of meeting your sweet girl or boy.

But then, like a nightmare, unable to wake,
you learn of your little one’s fate.
And nothing you say, or how much you pray,
can lift this impossible weight.

It’s simply unfair when someone like you,
withstands such unthinkable trauma.
With no explanation to bring consolation,
you wonder, “Will I ever be a mama?”

The scope of your pain I can only conceive,
in moments my own thoughts run wild.
Lying in bed, with fears in my head,
of losing my own precious child.

When family and friends share their own baby news,
the weight on your heart is titanic.
The excitement you feign, while masking the pain,
and hope that your smile seems organic.

I know it must seem like the world has moved on,
when to you, forever’s too soon.
And friends find it hard to offer regards,
for fear of reopening wounds.

Grief, like the past, never fully abates,
at times it can tear you apart.
For moments of pain, like scars, will remain,
forever tattooed on your heart.

To face such hardship is truly unfair
and I wish for your heart to be freed.
One thing’s for sure, we mommies endure,
but to brave it alone, there’s no need.

To the mommies out there who are mourning a loss,
just know that there’s love being sent.
And I will be here, to lend you an ear,
in the moments you just need to vent.

A Poem For The Loss Of A Child is dedicated to my friends and family who have lived through the loss of a child. You are my inspiration.

A poem for the loss of a child: mother grieving in child's room

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  1. This is so heartfelt and I know so many women who have experienced miscarriage. It is one of those clubs you never want to be a part of but it has so many members. Thank you for giving those women a voice.

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