Welcome to A Fly on the Wall! This piece is all about the random daily exchanges within the Mulligan household, as if observed by a fly on the wall. Check back here regularly as the list continues to grow. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, cheers!

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Mommy to Jameson: “Don’t step on her head please!”

Jameson to Daddy: (pointing to his new bed) “It’s my crib” Daddy: “It’s a big-boy bed!” Jameson: “It’s a big crib”

Daddy to Mommy: “Don’t you ever find it weird that your body secretes a warm children’s beverage?”

Mommy to Daddy: “Wow, the Flintstones really were historically inaccurate” Daddy: “I know, they didn’t have television”

Mommy to Jameson: “What are you doing with your butt?”

Daddy to Mommy: (showing me the new eco-friendly toilet paper he bought) “Seems pretty durable” Mommy: “If durability is what you look for in a toilet paper, you’re wiping too hard”

Daddy to Mommy: “If there’s anything I know, it’s that kids love touching ceilings.”

Daddy to Mommy: “It’s weird how I don’t even think the fire department coming to our house anymore is something out of the ordinary”

Mommy to Daddy: “Do you wanna order dinner or something?” Daddy: “I could go for a good burger.” Mommy: “Whatever we decide, it has to be something Jameson will eat. ” Daddy: “So, Macaroni and Cheese Palace?”

Daddy to Mommy: “Ugh, I’m so thirsty for water. I grabbed a Gatorade.”

Daddy to Mommy: (about the kids following him from room to room) “Ugh, it’s like the Walking Dead around here, one of them is always slowly lurking behind.”

Daddy to Mommy: “I can’t help but feel like Tom Brokaw when I say “Ferrero Rocher”.”

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