Woman jogging while listening to weight loss affirmations through ear buds on her phone.

Weight Loss Affirmations And Inspiration To Keep You Motivated And On Track To Reach Your Health And Fitness Goals.

Print this list out and tape it to a mirror you look in every day. Read through the list of weight loss affirmations to remind yourself of your motivations and help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

To gain confidence and love who you see in the mirror

To have the energy to keep up with your kids

To set a healthy example for your kids

To be able to wear the clothes you want

To challenge yourself and prove you are stronger than you think

To achieve both physical and mental health

To prevent disease and reverse certain conditions you might already have

To come off of medications

To project outwardly the person you are on the inside

To be around when your kids are grown and have families of their own

To be more attractive to your significant other

To improve your sex life

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